Chicago Yacht Share
Captained Charters - Private and shared
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Thank you for choosing Chicago Yacht Share for your next sail. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to confirm your reservation request.
Note: There is a limit of six people on-board (not counting the captain). 
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 $200/hr (2 hr min) Private Charter (other than Navy Pier Fireworks, Events, or Holidays)
$700 (up to 6 guests not counting the captain) 
Private Charter SATURDAY Navy Pier Fireworks
 $650 (up to 6 guests not counting the captain)  Private Charter WEDNESDAY Navy Pier Fireworks
$99 per person  Semi-private SATURDAY Navy Pier Fireworks
$90 per person

Semi-private WEDNESDAY Navy Pier Fireworks
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Private Charter:*
This performance cruiser is yours for you and your guests 
Min 2 hour sail ($225/hour) = $450 for the entire boat
 See below for fireworks, event and holiday charter rates.

(Wed & Sat - Memorial Day through Labor Day) 
Saturdays: 3 hour sail - 8:45pm-11:45pm
Wednesdays: 3 hour sail - 8pm-11:00pm 

Private Charter: $250/hour = $750 for the entire boat  
Semi-Private (shared charter) = $200 per person 

(3 hour sail - 8:30pm-11:30pm) 
Private Charter: $275/hour = $825 for the entire boat
Semi-private (shared charter): = $225 per person

(4 hour sail - 11:30am-3:30pm) 
Private Charter: $275/hour = $1,100 for the entire boat
Semi-private (shared charter): = $225 per person

AIR AND WATER SHOW CHARTER:*(5 hour sail - 10am - 3pm each day)
Friday: Practice - Private Charter - $200/hr = $1,000 for the entire boat 
Semi-private (shared charter) = $200 per person 
Saturday and Sunday: Private Charter - $250/hour = $1,250 for the entire boat 
Saturday and Sunday: Semi-private (shared charter) = $250 per person

Two charters each holiday: 1pm-4pm and 6pm-9pm
Private Charter: $225/hour = $675 for the entire boat for 3 hours

Semi-private (shared charter) = $200 per person

Cancellation Policy For All Charters
Private and Semi-Private:

More than 15 days prior to sail date = no charge
10-14 days prior to sail date = 15% forfeiture of the charter price
24 hours-9 days prior to sail departure time = 55% forfeiture of the charter price
Cancellations within 24 hours of departure time, and "no shows" = 100% forfeiture of the charter price
Rescheduling Policy For All Charters:
There is no charge to reschedule more than 10 days prior to sail date (limit 2 reschedules) - 10% Reschedule fee 9 days prior or less.

*All charters include a USCG Captain and First Mate (at no additional cost)
Capacity is limited to six paying guests not including the Captain and First Mate 

Gratuity is at the discretion of our guests.